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Fresh. Asian. Fast.


Fresh. Asian. Fast.

Welcome to nOma. Our goal is to fill the hearts (and bellies) of the Greensboro community with healthy, fast-casual Asian food. Created with family in mind we offer traditional Vietnamese and Thai dishes with locally sourced and supported ingredients. Passed down from our mothers, our heirloom recipes are packed with nostalgia, as they are meals you would find on families' dining tables all throughout Asia for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Growing up in Vietnam, Kieuanh spent many hours at her mother's hip in the kitchen. Hence, nOma's dishes are crafted from generations of experience and are a beautiful marriage of Kieuanh's legacy. As a busy mother herself and a well-established business owner, Kieuanh knows the difficulties in balancing work and planning healthy family meals all too well. And so nOma needed to be more than just an eating establishment or a new business venture.

While developing Noma's concept, Kieuanh conversed with several families of the Greensboro community and discovered healthy meals are usually only possible when "we can squeeze it into our schedules." As a solution, she centered nOma's menu to fit that need.

Constructed around the concept community, nOma was created to be an experience. With an amalgamation of Asian cuisines, nostalgia and convenience without sacrifice, our dishes are quickly prepared with your nutritional balance in mind and the flexibility to accommodate your dietary needs and active schedules. Our focus is simple: Fresh. Asian. Fast. And of course, family


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Garden Square Center
2403 Battleground Ave. #2 Greensboro, NC 27408

Elliott University Center
(Limited Menu)


Mon-Sat 11:30am-8:30pm